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Trinity Co. Ltd.

What - We are proud to be long term strategic partners with Trinity, the first design consultants group in Japan. Together, we build bridges between Japan and Europe and create international business opportunities, via design.


How - We host collaborative creative sessions with industry leaders, conduct trends and ethnographic research, produce design strategy documents and work closely with Trinity staff both in Japan and here in London. Together we have been able to pinpoint and understand key movements in interior and lifestyle trends, and the insights gathered are now being used to inform and shape future design development for Trinity and their clients.


Outcome - Following Keechdesign and Trinity's successful collaborations we continue to work together and look forward to welcoming the Trinity team and their clients back to London in the first quarter of 2018 for new projects.


Words from Trinity - For this stage of the project development Keechdesign used the following processes to create an in-depth verification of product design, based on European-specific lifestyles, values, and preferences towards interior design. A process which a purely Japanese-based team of would have found difficult.


1) Quantitative web research of target products in the European market (Specifically UK and Spain).


2) Development of a hypothesis around interiors and product preferences attached to end-user values.


3) In-depth interviews with European design experts based on the above hypothesis, via Keechdesign’s large network of multidisciplinary professionals.


Visit Trinity's website: trinitydesign.jp/en/




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