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What - Keechdesign worked closely with the Institute for Aerospace Technology to realise a proposal for an innovative new range extender concept. RExMoto has the potential to appeal to electric aircraft owners who would be able to fly their planes for longer, reduce emissions and fuel costs, and then use the detachable motorcycle to continue their journey after landing.


RExMoto is a modular 50kW electrical generation power plant that can be fitted to an electric aircraft to provide two to three hours extra endurance through the conventional combustion of hydrocarbon fuel. Designed as a conventional  motorcycle, RExMoto can take to the road, functioning as a mode of transport to and from the airport. The engine, generator, chassis and drive structure have all been specially designed to enable an optimum aerodynamic form, with the whole unit weighing less than 125kg. Retractable wheels ensure that RExMoto can fit conveniently beneath the aircraft’s fuselage or under a wing whilst minimising drag in flight mode.


How - We provided; concept generation, CAD drawings, CG visualisation and design development.


Outcome - RExMoto and RExLite range extenders were unveiled at the International Conference on Innovation in European Aeronautics Research in Warsaw during September 2017 and received international press coverage.


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