re-assemble design challenge

In partnership with Yamaha Design Studio London

8   designers / studios

2   partners

8   highly creative ideas

1   London Design Festival exhibition

Design Showcase

'Blockpeople Society'

Kazuya Washio, Designer

“By adding human-like features to simple blocks we can give the act of assembling a deeper meaning. We may be able provide an opportunity to reflect about our social and human relationships through the act of 'assembling'.”


Matt Delegate, Designer

“'Silhouettes' draws on the fundamental playfulness of building blocks, allowing   the user to personalise an interior with their own imaginative creations, bringing delight and character into the home”

'Little Planet'

Ryo Fukumaru, Industrial Designer

“I wanted to explore a new meaning to ‘assemble’. For this idea I have re-assembled a plant pot, the little greens can live, grow and expand inside the upturned pot into the living space.

Circularity within a small pot shows us the importance of nature.”

'Soap Bubble'

Kenji Abe, Product Designer

“This block assembles the negative space inside. By combining the transparent blocks, the outline of the space will appear almost like a bubble.

The object is not only a toy, for example the open space on the inside can be used to display accessories and small things when not being used”


Yuhei Yamamoto, Designer

Kyohei Mori, Designer

"We wanted to explore playing with gravity, nature and tactility away from technology. Our concept 'braNcheS' uses subtle magnets embedded in sticks, enabling them to be assembled in many different ways."

'Goldfish Coasters'

Duncan Shotton, Designer / Artist

“Goldfish Coasters is a set of six round coasters that create a small fishbowl with lily pads, and goldfish at different depths. Each glass disc has a frosted rim on their top side and printing on the bottom."



Sofia Leover, Interior Architect

re-assemble is a conceptual design challenge bringing together eight UK based creative designers / studios from different fields and backgrounds.



The challenge was to re-imagine ‘building blocks’, adding new experience values and bringing a unique and personal approach from each of the designers.



The challenge aims to be a collaborative and engaging exploration into how we can still extract meaning and delight from even the most simple ‘childlike’ objects.

“The inspiration is taken from the famous Danish fairytale ‘The Snow Queen’, where the Queen enchants the main character (boy named Kai) and sets an impossible task for him: in order to break the spell, he must use pieces of ice shards like a Chinese puzzle to form the word ‘eternity’."




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