London 2012 Olympic Podium

Royal College of Art

What - The organising body of the London 2012 Olympics, LOCOG, asked students from the Royal College of Art to design the athletes’ medal podiums, and ran this as a competition among students from Innovation design Engineering and Design Products at the college. David Keech was project leader for the RCA and worked closely with both the students and LOCOG to help deliver this exciting and innovative result.


How - The design challenge was an enormous one; to provide a stable platform for the world’s elite athletes (often literally jumping with joy) on which to receive their medals. Add to that the need for rapid build and disassembly, and a wide modular expansion/ contraction requirement (from single sprinters to entire volleyball teams), plus the ability to look good simultaneously on every single TV camera in the world, and harness and reflect the unique 2012 Olympics branding - and you have a design brief that would test the most experienced of consultancies.


Outcome - The students that rose to this challenge, winning the competition and seeing their design manufactured and used throughout the games were Gaetano Ling, Yan Lu, Hong Yeul-Eom, Heegun Koo and Luc Fusaro. A brilliant result and one of the most widely photographed icons of the Olympic Games.




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