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In The Know (1)
Posted by: Robert Connolly on 15th Nov 2007 in In The Know

Our occasional series where great design objects are described by those who know them best; their owners.
Robert Patrick Connolly talks about a classic portable music player:

What is it? Philco portable record player

Tell me more... Late 50s/early 60s mono

Why did you buy it? Large record collection, last record player lost through separation from former partner.

About its looks? Size of walk-on air luggage suitcase (with suitcase handle on side when in use), 2 tone pvc and speaker cloth-covered ply, 50s US automobile inspired styling, the Philco badge even looks like an Oldsmobile 'hood' ornament - but without the fins.

Technical advantages? Jukebox-style record stacker with automatic serial cue, play, and repeat; 16, 33 and a third, 45 and 78rpm; thermionic valves.

Emotional appeal? Styling, warm sound, fascinating-to-watch robot record changing process.

Could it be improved? With a 'power on' light.

Not recommended for... Neophiles & vinyl (or indeed, shellac) phobes.