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Posted by: David Keech on 13th Aug 2008 in Creative Report

re:voice is a new device that harnesses the human voice, enabling the user to explore new directions in music making.

Product design or digital engineering, musical instrument or iconic object? All of the above. Traditional musical instruments are so ingrained in our consciousness that it's hard to imagine what lies down the evolutionary path. Marek Bereza has done just that. re:voice is a sophisticated electronic device, but clearly its progenitor is the hollow piece of bamboo or conch shell that first surprised Early Man with its sound-making potential.

Marek Bereza, is a recent graduate of the Royal College of Art's Industrial Design Engineering course, and was awarded Professor's Commendation for his work there. Marek says:

Music is the universal language of expression. The most expressive musical instrument in existence is the human voice.

re:voice is an electronic musical instrument that you play with your voice. It analyses and re-interprets your singing, speaking and other sounds you can make into musical sounds.

re:voice also detects its own physical orientation and if it's being squeezed, as additional expressive control over the sounds it makes.

Using the controls on the re:voice base station you can choose from a vast palette of sounds.

Patent pending.

The best way to undestand re:voice is to see (and of course hear) it in action. You can do this by clicking here.


Posted by Bri baby on 4th Jul 2011 02:41 PM
is the revoice in production and available to buy

Posted by Ed on 4th Jul 2011 03:17 PM
Please check with the designer here: