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Aram: Making the Then Now...
Posted by: Keeks on 14th Apr 2011 in Keechdesign News

The Then-Now Show is well and truly into its stride. It runs until 24th April, so there is still time to see it if you haven't already. Design guru, and owner of the fabulous Covent Garden store that hosts the show, tells us more of the story, via the British Council's blog. Read more here...

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In The Know (14)
Posted by: Cane on 24th Mar 2011 in In The Know


Our occasional series where great design objects are described by those who know them best; their owners.
Photographer Lisa Wormsley gives us the inside view...

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Now And Then
Posted by: Keats on 17th Feb 2011 in Keechdesign News

More on the upcoming THEN-NOW Show
11th March - 24th April 2011
, (as in previous article)

The THEN-NOW Show is an exhibition of 15 designers who were originally amongst the graduates selected by Zeev Aram to take part in the Aram Design’s Annual Graduate Shows in the late 1980s and early 1990s. This exhibition revisits the work of these designers to show the development of their career over the last 20 years or so. Their work will be represented by their designs at graduation, THEN, alongside recent work, NOW.

Zeev Aram opened his first store on London’s Kings Road, Chelsea, in 1964 at a time when there was very little in the way of modern furniture on the market. He had a real passion for design and was the first to introduce the works of designers such as Carlo Scarpa, A & P.G. Castiglioni, Marcel Breuer, Le Corbusier and V. Magistretti to the UK market. These were truly radical designs at the time and it may have seemed a gamble to show these works as part of a commercial venture. Aram however, believed that here were pieces that were important, beautifully designed and well manufactured that would stand the test of time. And so they have.

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Posted by: Keech on 3rd Feb 2011 in Keechdesign News

The THEN - NOW show is an exhibition at the Aram Gallery that I'm very happy to be a part of. It will run from 11th March to 24th April 2011.

It's an exhibition of fifteen designers who graduated in the late '80s and early '90s and whose designs were shown THEN, at the Aram Designs Graduate Exhibitions - revisiting the work of these designers NOW. The designers are:

Jane Atfield
Sebastian Bergne
Adam Brinkworth
Konstantin Grcic
Thomas Heatherwick
Victoria Jessen - Pike
David Keech
Wakako Kishimoto
Tom Lloyd
Kevin McCullagh
Corin Mellor
Peter Naumann
Ben Panayi
Luke Pearson
Sonya Winner

Rediscovering my THEN pieces has been a catalytic experience. Challenging in that some of them were complex and needed to be repaired and re-assembled (no CAD drawings to refer to!); and reassuring in that they still sit comfortably with my work today. One of the messages of this exhibition must surely be to never throw anything away.

Here is a taster - a drawing I did back then (the drawings were as important as the pieces themselves). For the 3D work, you'll have to come to the exhibition...

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Cool Materials: Illuminating Stuff
Posted by: D Cane on 10th Jan 2011 in Opinion

Disney’s ‘Tron Legacy’ opened over Christmas, so doubtless a couple of weeks ago there were lightcycles and Jeff Bridges dolls propping up Christmas trees across the land. The premier party at Tate Modern saw the production design of the film realised in the shape of costumes, installations, furniture, floor coverings and a mind-bending light show.

It demonstrated that this synthetic future may not be that far off after all...

For example, Lumalive was unveiled by Philips a few of years ago at Berlin IFA. It is a textile technology that integrates a matrix of minute LEDs into fabrics to create dynamic light displays. The layered system is capable of millions of colours and uses very little power.

Lumalive: courtesy Philips

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Cool Materials: Harris Tweed
Posted by: D. Cane on 20th Dec 2010 in Opinion

What do Vic Reeves, Miss Marple and Doctor Who have in common? They are all big fans of Harris Tweed.
Slightly older that its Irish competitor Magee, Harris Tweed has been handmade in the Scottish Hebrides since before Queen Victoria's time. The textile we might most readily associate with British gents and game hunting attire has had as many identities as it has uses, but in the case of the Harris product, has been woven in the same place and in pretty much the same way for the last 150 years.

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